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Ralski's Brain

Art Can't Hurt You




I am an exotic blend of "good guy" meets "bad boy". I've been around the block a few times leading a very diverse lifestyle, and so I can blend into pretty much any situation. But I am also very particular about how I spend my time. I am a demon to some and an angel to others all rolled up into one complex individual.

I am a musician (drummer) first and foremost, and you will always see or hear me drumming on something because I need music around me wherever I go. Also, I am currently in the process of finalizing my personal business plan. I figured I might as well include all of the things I’ve grown passionate about including writing, music, visual arts and cognitive thinking. Check out more at http://www.totalmhre.com.

Philosophy is more appealing to me than Psychology, and structured education is not as rewarding as "hands on" experience. I enjoy delving into the world of like-minds, be it chaotic or serene. My goal is to maintain a happy and peaceful state of mind, yet be aware and cautious of the evils around me. I can not be persuaded to join a life in which I was already born, so for those who have a need to tap into the darkness, I seek refuge in the light, the simple pleasures...

I'm not much of a party animal anymore, but I do know how to have fun. If the time is right, it will always be a night to remember. I am not a follower, nor am I a leader. I like to think of myself as a guide for others. Through these streets that I've ventured upon, my words are merely fragments of my reality. If others can get something out of it, the ripple effect takes place and the message gets across. My reality is not reality...

I enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas, and a common ground is worth building upon. Anything else is of a lesser priority and I am learning to adjust myself accordingly. I can get easily sidetracked, so trust is always an issue. And although I try to be cautious and observant, my compassionate nature always gets the better of me. Hence why I am a skittish pup with a powerful bite. Beware the fury of a patient man...

My life has been interesting to say the least, and fulfilling at the same time. Some may wonder why this world relies on meds for depression, anxiety and stress. It's because this world is in disarray. I am a perfect example of a survivor, yet man made chemicals for a man made disease does not offer me a solution or cure. Therefore, I fight through the chaos with a sharp mind and a witty tongue. I am determined and honest to my cause, something which seems dormant in today's world. If anything, some of my views are a target to be silenced. Not everyone will understand the flurry of riddled words, but those who attempt to translate the abstract have already showed more character than most.

Some have considered me a "nice guy" while several of those same people have tried to test my boundaries despite my heeded warnings. Many have fallen into the abyss of memories lost, while others have witnessed my journey from their perspective. Those are the stories I find most intriguing, and the one's I call my "friends".

As I stated before, my words are just a fragment of my own experiences, and to most I am very "interesting". To me, life is about taking chances, experiencing both good and bad, and challenging yourself to face obstacles while having fun with the madness rather than hide from it. There is a fine line between good and bad, and I live on that line.

The struggle is the glory.